• Julian Voigt

Promotional Videos For North West Businesses .

We are living in a Video Age. What I mean by that is that video content is being consumed by almost EVERYONE. Think Youtube! Yes who of us has not visited youtube this week? Whether it's to follow that Vlogger who cooks up tasty healthy recipes you like to follow, or that fitness guru that helps motivate you or whether you looking for a 'how to' video because there is something about your computer mobile phone that you don't quite understand? Google who own Youtube estimate that by 2021 video content will account for a staggering 80% of all internet traffic!

Hence if you are a Business looking to compete in this digital age and you haven't yet got video content promoting your products and services you are in danger of being left behind. Think of this; if you visit a two websites both selling the same products and services and one site has a very simple uncluttered layout with a nice promotional video to click on that shows you why their products and services are superior and the other website just has not of confusing text and pictures but no video, which do you think you are far more likely to engage with and hence buy from? This is the reason your Business NEEDS video content.

Another fun fact, did you know that if your website has video content it's far more likely to rank higher than your competitors that don't have video? Yes Google view websites with video content as far more relevant that websites that do not have any- another HUGE reason why your Business should have video content on your website, social media etc.

If you are a small business in the North West of England looking to engage with more potential clients then you really need to be thinking of Video.

We at Go Video make videos that are not only affordable but engaging so give us a call today and see how we can help you say what you say with video.

Here's an example of a short promo video we made for a Photographer and this cost him less than £250