My name is Julian Voigt and I have been filming and editing videos since 2011. I first started creating videos for my Youtube channel back in 2011 and from there went on to create online video courses for an online cooking academy that I am a partner in.  It was round about that time that I decided to enrol on numerous courses in videography to get a fuller understanding of Film making and editing. My initial motivation was to improve the quality of my videos for our online courses which of course it did. 


It wasn't too long before friends with businesses were asking me to create videos for them to promote their businesses- which I did and then I thought, hey I could create a business out of this and make a career change. That decision wasn't a difficult one for me because I love the creative process involved in making videos and I believe that every video essentially is telling a story no matter whether the video is a mini documentary or a short two minute promotional video for a small business,  essentially we are trying to achieve the same thing- engage with people on an emotional level, I really believe 

video does that!


I have also started a run numerous businesses and like to think I know a thing or two about building a brand image and marketing.